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About Me

I was born not far from Lviv, but all my mature life was spent in the heart of this fabulous Ukrainian city. It is a unique place which inspires the soul to develop creatively and makes the heart feel the surrounding beauty. I have been travelling around the world since I was 19. I’ll never forget my first trip that changed my life to a great extent. I went to Hamburg. I was so delighted with the picturesque views that I could not help taking pictures to capture every aspect of this beautiful surrounding in order to keep the memories alive. Human memory is so fleeting!

After coming back from Hamburg the only thing I wanted was to learn how to photograph so that my pictures lived and shared their own stories. So I went on my first artistic photography course. As the time goes by, my life is moving around a photo lens. I am so absorbed by shooting that it became my primary hobby and passion without which I can not live and do not want to. I want to go through life with a camera in hand and bestow people with living memories!

I have lived in Poland since 2012 and I got to know the culture, customs, architecture, and a lot of interesting people; discovered the world from a new perspective - through the lens. I have got the impression that I have been given a different life. From May 2014 I live in Warsaw. Here I have my husband, a bicycle, a house and a possibility to develop my passion. Currently I’m dealing with family and reportage photography. I have a small, charming photographic studio, which is likely to enlarge its area in the near future. In case the address of the studio should change I will inform you personally by e-mail at your request. Unique photos, moments taken from life, vivid memories and a lot of fun are only a few things I can offer you not only in Warsaw and its neighbourhood. Travelling around the world fascinates me and I would like to get acquainted with your part of the world.

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